Products and Services

Alarm Systems:- > Basic alarm systems installed in homes and small offices

  • Larger alarm systems installed to secure numerous floors in the one building
  • or multiple buildings on the one site.
  • Security devices installed include motion sensors ( short & long range), smoke
  • Detectors, Reed switches, External Photo Electric Beams, etc.
  • All security systems can be monitored 24Hr. if required.
  • All systems designed for their particular situation.
Access Control Systems:-
  • Electric locks installed in doors and gates to control public and staff areas.
  • Different electric locks installed to suit different situations.
  • Single door or gate ( stand alone systems) as well as multiple door systems installed.
  • All systems can be controlled by Card reader, code pad or Intercom, or combination of all three if required.
  • Certain access control equipment can be programmed and monitored
  • by software on a PC, locally or remotely enabling more user friendly
  • card and user programming.

Intercom Systems:- > Intercom system installed can be either Audio only or both Audio and Video.

  • The intercom system can be used to control access through a door or gate.
  • Single front station and handset systems installed or multiple front station and multiple handset systems installed if required.
  • Installation and upgrades of apartment block intercom systems done
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